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Cannellini Bean Dip with Pita Chips

Growing up in with a Dad who was 100% Lebanese, our family had plenty of hummus. I’m pretty sure we started eating hummus before it was sold in a regular grocery store anywhere .  It was so plentiful, that I kind of got sick of it, and found there were many other Lebanese dips that I enjoyed much more. I think that is what inspired me to make this dip.

I had stopped by The Middle East Market on the way home from school, and forgot that they had a minimum $5 credit card purchase.  So I decided, why not buy an extra bag of pita bread and see what I can do with it.  I’m planning on making my own pita bread one of these days, but until then I will continue to buy mine from a specialty store.  It is about 7500 times better than the kind they sell at any regular grocery store.

So here’s the recipe.  Inspired by Giada‘s White Bean Dip.

Cannellini Bean Dip with Pita Chips

1 (15 oz) can cannellini beans, rinsed and drained

2 large cloves garlic

Juice of 1  fresh lemon

1/4 cup curly parsley leaves

1/4 cup olive oil

Salt & Pepper to Taste

– Puree all ingredients in a food processor until smooth.

Pita Chips

4 large pitas

1/4 cup olive oil

Sea Salt

– Brush the olive oil on the top and bottom of the pitas.  Sprinkle with salt.  Cute pitas into 8-10 small triangles and place on a baking sheet.  Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for 7-8 minutes.



I had bought a $15 App my brother told me about called, “Anti-Social”, which blocks almost all the sites that might prevent one from being productive.  I even programmed it to block all of my favorite cooking blogs, and I turned it on this morning so I could get a full day of studying in.  And what do I do instead?  Decide to start my own cooking blog! Today, I just did enough to get the site up and running, but I hope to be posting some culinary adventures in the coming week :-). Stay tuned.