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Why a Food Blog?

When I first became interested in food blogs, I remember someone asking me, “How is that any different than a cookbook?”

Well, I’ll tell you.   I like food blogs because you feel you know the person that’s writing all the recipes, and they are only writing about things that they actually made in their own kitchen.  Bloggers really have no vested interest in posting something that they don’t think is great, unlike a cookbook where some recipes are included just to fill the pages.   Food bloggers are real people, and  they give their real opinions about real recipes  – what went well, what didn’t and helpful tips they have learned, and WHY something was good/bad/easy/interesting  (I love the why!)  – most cookbooks don’t give you all that.   I also like that a food blog updates regularly.  There are about a million recipes out there, and sometimes that can be overwhelming.  If I see something I like on a food blog one day, I can star it, and it’s saved in my google reader for the future – much less intimidating than looking through a whole cookbook to find 1 good recipe.  Finally, the pictures.  I only know of 1 cookbook that has more than 1 color picture per recipe, and that cookbook was written by a food blogger.  It’s just too expensive to put a ton of color pictures into a book, but it’s much easier on a food blog. I don’t like to see every single step in pictures (adding broth to soup is just not that exciting), but it’s nice to have some idea of what you’re going to be making.  That being said, here are a few of my favorite blogs:

Allana Bytes

Annie’s Eats

Apple a Day


Cate’s World Kitchen

Confections of a Foodie Bride

Hostess with the Mostess (okay so this one’s not a food blog, but it’s really fun!)

Pennies on a Platter

Pink Parsley

Smitten Kitchen

The Curvy Carrot

The Pioneer Woman


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